Migliorgatto “cibo amico di ogni giorno" (delicious food for everyday) is available in several tastes to satisfy all cats. High quality ingredients make the foods tasty, nutritious and able to supply our cats a balanced feed, to assure the cat’s health and correct energy intake.

    Migliorgatto Unico is a complete food suitable for the daily nutrition of cats, obtained from natural ingredients. Its main characteristics are that of consisting 100% of a sole source of protein and being cereal-free. This also makes it the ideal product for those who want to protect their cat from possible food intolerances to specific meats. Migliorgatto Unico is Unico for the type of protein used, Unico in taste. Unico for freshness and the praticality of pouches.
  • MIGLIORGATTO Sterilized

    Migliorgatto Sterilized is the new alutrays range able to satisfy the physiological need of sterilized cats and in the meanwhile offering them the pleasure of taste and the variety of recipes. Five tastes, chosen among the one more appreciated from the cats, to conquer the customers thanks a tasty and innovative product.

    Miogatto is a super premium line, specially designed for the specialized channel. Heart shaped croquettes, with an innovative formula for the first time in the market: MyNat-Pro, an exclusive mix of active principles from vegetable extracts: grapefruit, turmeric, grapes, rosemary and cloves.
  • MIGLIORGATTO Professional Nutribene

    Migliorgattp Professional with the new Nutribene formula, remains the same product range from which it arises and belongs: a product exclusively for the specialized channel. It is a high quality product with an elegant packaging; it has a new recipe with a balanced mix of meats and vegetal ingredients to satisfy the daily nutritional need of the cat.
  • MIGLIORGATTO Professional

    Migliorgatto Professional is designed to meet all our customers’ needs, who prefer to buy cat food in specialized, agricultural stores and garden centres. Furthermore, a wide range satisfies every taste and nutritional intake.