Cities lead to an increasing dynamic life, flat spaces are smaller...today's world seems to be tailored to small-size dogs. For them Morando has created Migliorcane Prestige, the new wet pet food range of multipack chunks in gravy. It is perfect for dogs with difficult appetite as it has hightly selected ingredients, irresistible taste and perfect chunks size.  it is perfect for dogs owners as the pouch is really handly: a functional and innovative container.


DOUBLE MENU' CONTRY with Game and liver, Lamb and duck: 100 gr x 4
DOUBLE MENU' TASTY with Chicken, game and vegetables, Chicken and turkey: 100 gr x 4
DOUBLE MENU' DELICATE with Chicken, ham and vegetables, Veal, chicken and vegetables: 100 gr x 4
DOUBLE MENU' CLASSIC with Beef, Chicken and turkey : 100 gr x 4