MIGLIORGATTO Professional Nutribene

The product line Migliorgatto Professional  with the new Nutribene formula, an importatn novelty which changes the feeding: high meat contents, Vitamins, Minerals, Omega 3, Omega 6. Easily digestible thanks to high quality and bioavailable nutrients, as results of our selection of raw materials and the production techniques that maintain their characteristics. It is highly appetizing thanks to tasty ingredients for an inviting pet food, that stimulates pets to pleasantly maintain a correct diet.

With continous innovations, the new product range several flavours in 1,5 kg bags: Adult Delicato with poultry and barley and two flavours for sterilized cats with beef and with poultry and barley.

CROQUETTES ADULT with chicken and veal:  1,5 kg
 CROQUETTES ADULT with beef: 1,5kg
• CROQUETTES STERILIZED with chicken and veal: 1,5 kg