Miogatto is the story of a passionate vision that lasts an entire life.  The "vision" of Enrico Morando, who was able to see beyond the present, taking the first step into the world of Italian pet food. Then a long journey of devotion and love in every new concept, every choice has made ​​possible the creation of this innovative product.


Miogatto products have a highly valued component. From MORANDO R&D department - always careful to the pet's wellbeing and to the protection of the environment - is born MyNat-Pro, an exclusive mix of active principles from vegetable extracts: grapefruit, turmeric, grapes, rosemary and cloves. This innovative recipe and completely natural has an antioxidant and protective effect against free radicals, more than three times higher than that of vitamin E. Improve the stability and the bioavailability of Omega 3 taken with diet.

MyNat-Pro advantages
helps strengthen the body’s natural defences against free radicals
slows cell ageing
improves the stability and bioavailability of Omega 3 taken with food

Miogatto croquettes are characterized by::
High content of minerals, B vitamins and Omega 3, without allergenic foods
Factors that stimulate the physiological immune defenses
Ability to harmonize and help digestion, growth, bowel and skin’s well-being

Miogatto croquettes have several flavours and sizes to fit any dog’s size. Thanks to the exclusive recipe and HEART shaped, the croquettes are particularly digestible and help both bowel and skin’s well-being. Miogatto includes all Morando’s values and history. Made in Italy, studied by veterinaries and not tested on animals. You can recognize it from the palatable and innovative recipes, from selected quality ingredients and the absence of colorants and preservatives. Furthermore the line assures a wide range of size in elegant packaging.


Natural ingredients for a balanced feed and suitable for daily consumption. Miogatto croquettes...
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Natural ingredients for a balanced feed and suitable for daily consumption. Miogatto paté...
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