After his election as Product of the Year 2015, the quality and Migliorgatto Sterilized innovation is also rewarded in 2016, he won the 2016 prize FOOD PRODUCT.
It was awarded the market segmentation strategy, reached by a specific offer very wide range as sizes and tastes and the intense support communication activities.
The award is instituted by the Food FOOD magazine to promote and give visibility to new food and beverage products launched in the past two years at the distribution operating in Italy or relaunched with significant changes and innovations as part of their marketing mix. The criteria used for the evaluation of the products are three: performance on the distribution market, the retail judgment and the judgment of the experts.

At last more taste specifically for neutered cats. Considering that in Europe 70% of cats are neutered, Migliorgatto Sterilized offers a complete range that ensures a satisfying, complete and balanced nutrition. Following the great success of Migliorgatto Sterilized pate, the first complete and balanced range of single-serve wet products for neutered cats, Migliorgatto Sterilized launches three new lines. Kibbles, chunks, mousse… at least consumers will be able to treat their neutered cats with a wider selection of textures and flavors. You will always be sure to take care of their well-being, with the right nutrients specifically selected according to their needs.

Sterilization, other than modify your pet’s temperament (often making him/her meeker) alters significantly his/her physiological equilibrium, changing the levels of hormones involved in fat catabolism and in regulating metabolic index. This often leads to an increased risk of obesity, because of a reduction of calorific needs and an increased likelihood of urinary diseases (including Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease – FLUTD). To avoid these issues, it is important to limit the participation of certain minerals, particularly struvite and calcium oxalate, in the urinary tract that can cause stones. The complete Migliorgatto Sterilized range has a perfectly balanced mix of ingredients, which enables average urinary pH to remain within a “safety zone” (ph 6.3 – 6.6), lowering calcium oxalate and struvite precipitation (more common when pH < 6.3 and pH > 6.6, respectively). Migliorgatto Sterilized offers the best and most specific diet for neutered cats. Wet food complements the crunchy dry food in the complete range to increase daily water intake and educe the concentration of minerals which can cause the formation of crystal and stones.


Migliorgatto STERILIZED is formulated considering nutritional needs of sterilized cats.
Migliorgatto STERILIZED advantages:
Lower caloric intake and higher fibres content (in comparison with Migliorgatto classic line) to help the weight control.
Low minerals content to reduce the formation of urinary calculi.
Selected raw materials to assure digestibility and palatability, because every meal has to be a pleasure.


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